Multimedia UI design
Years ago, before engaging in dot studio, I wanted to make a multimedia CD on the projects that I did (portfolio). At that time I was still working with my original name - Mohammad Abolhassanzadeh - a name that was rather too long, however it was my own name!
At that time, when I started designing multimedia interface, my biggest question was: How can I use my name in design well?
After a few weeks of drawing, I reached a conclusion that I loved! Ironically, if I had a shorter name, I was unable to use it in design in such a way.
I designed a grid with the letters of my name and used it in the middle of the page as the main structure design. The home page was in a form that when you dragged the mouse over the three embedded keys, a part of the grid got highlighted. A flash for the portfolio, a face for me and an X to exit.