About project:
Since childhood I have loved maps and of course I have never been fond of geography. Maybe it's because I loved map and because it has images I have always loved my images. When, in the fall of 2012, I was involved in doing a lot of dull orders a person called me and asked: “can you design an Atlas book?” And I eagerly said: yes! Why not?
When there is no challenge or nothing to do in life, everything would be very boring and I found my challenge: A great volume of crude maps and aerial photographs should become in a very short time for the audience went into a comprehensible map. Of course, this was not all the challenges, for the first time, the map of Shiraz (my home town) was prepared as a City Guide and there was no experience and trial and error in the field. And of course this was the main reason for me to accept this order. It took a long time to see the map and select different executive ways to prepare the book. And after six breathtaking months, I was able to help colleagues prepare and print the book nearly a hundred pages. I would have liked more time was given to me for the design but this did not happen. And technical volume of the work was mold on the design work.

*Shiraz; A city in south IRAN

Map of Shiraz
City map Design
Technique: Offset Print
Four color ( cmyk )
80 Pages
Size: 21 x 15 cm
Client: Ms. Maleki - The Municipality of Shiraz ( GIS )
Year:  2015